Tough fold

Posted by betlover on Dec 27, 2010 in gambling

I’m not really an advocate of laying down strong hands on the river. But sometimes, sometimes only in rare occurrences should you consider doing that. This one was not the hardest of tough folds. It looks a tougher than it is because if I am folding trips plus a low in stud/8, this is not such a big deal.

The key to making a good fold easily is knowing when your opponent is a good player and when your opponent is a nutcase. With nuts case holding a board of 6624, there is no way that good player is raising because he has a strong low hand. While he does in fact have a rough six, that’s just not enough for him to go to town here. Coupled with the fact that nuts case jammed on 4th street as well as the river and I get to kiss my set goodbye. This isn’t always going to be a fold because you’ll often find yourself at the river with two players like that nuts case. In that case, it’s hold on for dear life.

I also play a lot of limit hold’em, and there are some things which are true about the game which just boggle the mind. For example, there are situations in which you lose money when you call with a hand, or you lose more money when you raise, then call any reraises with that same hand. But it is profitable to raise and reraise with that same hand. Strange but true. And actually not all that uncommon.

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A good poker session

Posted by betlover on Jul 21, 2009 in online poker

Today was an up and down day.

I started up $138 thanks primarily to two hands. The first I had pocket JJ and got a set on the turn. I won a $61 pot on that hand.
The second I had pocket fives, flopped a set and got a full house on the river to win a $79 pot.

I figured my good luck couldn’t last and I was right. I then lost about $80 of my profit primarily because I couldn’t make a straight or flush draw. I had two flush draws and 3 straight draws and couldn’t make one of them.

Then my luck changed for the better. I got pocket AA twice and won both hands. I finally made a straight draw on one hand and a flush draw on another and won both hands. Then I got trip aces on the river and won another hand. I made it back up to having a profit of $132, and decided to quit.

But after one hour I came back. I started on the upswing when I flopped a straight which won, and my pocket AA held up to win a $45.60 pot. Then my luck changed and I was down as much as $52. I had pocket KK against two opponents who both had aces and of course an ace flopped and I quickly folded after I bet and was reraised on the flop. Then I had two straight draws which missed.

Finally, my luck turned around (again) and I got into the positive though it was only two dollars and I decided to quit for the day. My comeback was because I made two straights on the river and won, the last time was a $63.00 pot (profit $39). I also won an improbable hand of 7 3 in the big blind on which I flopped a pair of sevens which held up to win at showdown.

Sets flopped were 2 for 17, slightly below average. The first set that I flopped, I won a $60 pot when I flopped a set of jacks and beat a set of twos. The second set I flopped I won a $64 pot. I had pocket 88 and the flop was 866. I flopped a full house and won
the hand.

This is online poker, you need a strong stomach to swallow all the swings.

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