Biggest Mistakes in Sit N Go Poker

Posted by betlover on Dec 4, 2011 in online poker

The biggest mistakes in sit and go poker is probably playing too loose early in the game.

I have made an observation that I wish to share with you about the single biggest mistake I see in the online sit’n go poker games. This affects virtually all newcomers to the game and even many experienced players.

Many of your opponents will play far too many hands at the beginning of a sit’n go game. This is especially true of low limit sit’n go games and newer players. One of the most common examples of this is playing ace – rag (an ace with a small kicker). Such hands make for very difficult decisions after the flop and should usually be avoided in early sit’n go play. When you play only the best hands early in the game you will enjoy the following advantages:

1. Increased probability that you will make the final money positions,
2. You are able to sit back and watch the table to learn player types and betting patterns,
3. Bigger pots raked in from loose players when you do have monster hands,
4. You conserve chips so you have more available to push when you hit the monster hands,
5. You will frequently make the later stage of the game with a solid chip stack.

Play Tight Aggressive Poker in the early stage of a sit n go poker game.

Here is a tip for you: if your opponents are playing too loosely (as they almost certainly will be) make strong raises when you are dealt premium hands and rake in the chips from your looser opponents.

The key in single table sit and go tournaments is to play tight early in order to survive to the later stages, but when you reach them it is then time to play looser as the number of opponent decreases. The lower the number of players at the table, the stronger your hands naturally become. So if You have A9o at the beginning of the game in early position, you probably want to toss that hand. But if there are only 3 or 4 players left, this is now a strong hand even if you are first to act.

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