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Posted by betlover on Sep 12, 2011 in online gambling

PlayTech is a large company which develops and provides software used by online casinos. Distinguished by its rapid development, it is currently valued at 1 billion USD, which says a lot about its reputation and reliability. The company is second only to MicroGaming, which currently powers the most number of online casinos. The top three online casinos that use PlayTech’s software are Golden Palace, Tropez Mobile Casino, and XXL Club Casino.

I have recently had the chance to try out one of the casinos, so I chose to XXL Club Casino which leads the group in terms of customer support. I signed up following a link that offers a bonus of $10 (which I quickly used up playing $2 per spin in a game of slots). After that, I immediately made a deposit online, and then played my favorite games.

I started with Blackjack betting the minimum stake of $2. Interestingly enough, I won 57 times and lost 38 times with 5 pushes. I had 3 losses at a time followed by 8 gains and a push at the middle. But when I doubled, the results were not as impressive: 2 wins out of 7. This makes the probability of gain over 50%. Overall, the results were unpredictable—which is a good sign for any casino game. I won a lot, but the doubling results leave much to be desired. I ended up walking away from the virtual blackjack table $33 richer.

I then tried my hand with Video Poker and played the standard Jack or Better with a normal payment table 6/9. Casinos that use PlayTech software have a wider range of stakes – 5¢ to $5. I wagered five 25¢ and got odd results: 14 pairs, 15 two pairs, 12 treys, and three fulls. There is no way to explain how my pairs became treys and full-houses, nevertheless, I won $10. The doubles were vaguely around 50-50.

Just for fun, I also tried the casino’s European style roulette. I placed a bet and pressed the spin button. The advantage is that there is an option to make blank spins. However, the minimum bet is $2. After a few spins, a quote by Albert Einstein came to my mind: ‘you cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it,’ which apparently holds true in my case.

Generally, I was lucky in my winnings since the random losses could not be explained, at least statistically. There’s nothing bad to say about PlayTech online casinos, they run a fair game and rarely encounter problems—none at all in my case. The graphics were high-quality for each of their wide range of games. Their joystick interface was useful and convenient with a normal speed of half an hour per 100 hands and the downloading was fast.

In my opinion, PlayTech gives players a stable platform for online gambling – neat graphics, cool interface, and the greatest convenience for players. Few casinos use this software, but its adoption is sure to increase. The bottom line is that PlayTech is one of the top recommended software for gambling in online casinos. Any online casino running PlayTech’s software will surely be worth your time.

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