Tasty Bingo

Posted by betlover on Jun 20, 2012 in online gambling

If you feel thrilled playing the game of bingo on the Web, you are presently offered with more web sites which let you play the various bingo games, as this type of game is getting more popular online.

You can enjoy them and possibly earn yourself good prizes and good sums of money if luck is on your side. There lies a bunch of new bingo sites offered to you which you can sign up at and thence play with your friends or make new friends online, as this game as a large social part to it. Yes you can play by yourself and some people do, but what most players like is to chat with other players while playing bingo online.

You can also play the game just for fun purpose without real money or for cash, it is up to you. Either way providing yourself with a good bit of fun is a must and therefore you get to enjoy all of the newly added bingo games offered online. If you have never given a shot to any of these bingo websites online, then it is the time you have a go at those games. Now is the perfect moment for you to discover the unlimited fun and sheer excitement of having a go at all of the newly available best bingo games on the web.

Of the new bingo sites the tasty bingo is certainly one of the most looked for. You can also very easily identify the newly launched best bingo websites which allows you to you to have a go at the games offered, and thence observe the ones you tend to prefer. The majority of the websites which are have online bingo also provide you with a bonus once you sign up with them and as you become a member this enable you to have a little bit more to play with. There are a lot of bingo game formats which is possible to play online, and you can have a go at them all out in order to see the ones that are your favorites to have a go at and provides you with more chances of winning.

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Online Paypal Sports Betting information

Posted by betlover on Dec 18, 2011 in online gambling

In case you are a sports enthusiast you definitely probably already noticed the fact that there are many online bookies available on the internet. The number of online sports betting websites has significantly increased during the last couple of years thanks to the fact that we are dealing with a fast expanding market, since more and more people start to notice that by placing sport bets over the internet they get to save both time and money. Time because you will no longer have to drive over to the local bet shop and money because the odds offered by online sports betting websites are a lot better compared to what the local shop can offer you.

The moment you want to start placing a bet over the internet you definitely want to use only the most reliable online sports betting websites. This way you can be sure that your money is safe and at the same time you will get paid in case you manage to win a few bets. One of the easiest ways to tell whether an online sportsbook can be trusted or not, is by looking at the payment methods that you can use to make deposits. Those online sports betting websites that accept Paypal as a payment method have been carefully selected and went through some rigorous tests before being accepted. And this way you can be sure that your money is going to be safe while placing online bets.

Paypal is right now the world’s most popular online payment processor. The reason why this is happening is because it’s very simple to use and at the same time your money is going to be protected all the time against fraud thanks to a great security system. With the help of paypal not only you can make deposits at some of the world’s largest online betting websites but you can use this payment method also to cash out your winnings.

Along with all the online sports betting websites that are accepting paypal you will also get the chance to use paypal for thousands of other merchants on the internet. Paypal is currently known to be one of the most universally accepted online payment method.

Here you can find the complete list with all the online sportsbooks out there that are accepting Paypal as a payment method: PartyBets, 888 Sports, Bet365 Betting, Ladbrokes Betting, Paddy Betting, BWIN SportsBook and BetFred. You can select any of those internet gambling websites and you will be able to make a deposit or to cash out your winnings with the help of Paypal.

Even if there are many online sportsbooks right now that accept paypal as a payment method the US players are not going to be allowed to use paypal as a payment method. This means that in case you are located in the US, you will have to look for another payment method. But the Europeans have absolutely no interdiction regarding this.

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Testing out PlayTech’s Software

Posted by betlover on Sep 12, 2011 in online gambling

PlayTech is a large company which develops and provides software used by online casinos. Distinguished by its rapid development, it is currently valued at 1 billion USD, which says a lot about its reputation and reliability. The company is second only to MicroGaming, which currently powers the most number of online casinos. The top three online casinos that use PlayTech’s software are Golden Palace, Tropez Mobile Casino, and XXL Club Casino.

I have recently had the chance to try out one of the casinos, so I chose to XXL Club Casino which leads the group in terms of customer support. I signed up following a link that offers a bonus of $10 (which I quickly used up playing $2 per spin in a game of slots). After that, I immediately made a deposit online, and then played my favorite games.

I started with Blackjack betting the minimum stake of $2. Interestingly enough, I won 57 times and lost 38 times with 5 pushes. I had 3 losses at a time followed by 8 gains and a push at the middle. But when I doubled, the results were not as impressive: 2 wins out of 7. This makes the probability of gain over 50%. Overall, the results were unpredictable—which is a good sign for any casino game. I won a lot, but the doubling results leave much to be desired. I ended up walking away from the virtual blackjack table $33 richer.

I then tried my hand with Video Poker and played the standard Jack or Better with a normal payment table 6/9. Casinos that use PlayTech software have a wider range of stakes – 5¢ to $5. I wagered five 25¢ and got odd results: 14 pairs, 15 two pairs, 12 treys, and three fulls. There is no way to explain how my pairs became treys and full-houses, nevertheless, I won $10. The doubles were vaguely around 50-50.

Just for fun, I also tried the casino’s European style roulette. I placed a bet and pressed the spin button. The advantage is that there is an option to make blank spins. However, the minimum bet is $2. After a few spins, a quote by Albert Einstein came to my mind: ‘you cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it,’ which apparently holds true in my case.

Generally, I was lucky in my winnings since the random losses could not be explained, at least statistically. There’s nothing bad to say about PlayTech online casinos, they run a fair game and rarely encounter problems—none at all in my case. The graphics were high-quality for each of their wide range of games. Their joystick interface was useful and convenient with a normal speed of half an hour per 100 hands and the downloading was fast.

In my opinion, PlayTech gives players a stable platform for online gambling – neat graphics, cool interface, and the greatest convenience for players. Few casinos use this software, but its adoption is sure to increase. The bottom line is that PlayTech is one of the top recommended software for gambling in online casinos. Any online casino running PlayTech’s software will surely be worth your time.

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Sportingbet settles

Posted by betlover on Oct 4, 2010 in online gambling

In 2006 the online gambling world was shocked when a last minute change to the SAFE port act introduced the UIGEA which would make the transfer of funds to online gambling sites illegal.

Sports betting, casino, horse-racing, poker, and many forms of online gambling would be shut up because of the UIGEA. Any company that offered their services to American players got themselves into legal troubles in America. Sportingbet a sports betting site was one of the companies which found themselves in a big legal mess.

In 2006 following the UIGEA the sports betting site Sportingbet’s CEO was apprehended in New York. The arrest was a sign that Sportingbet got themselves into legal troubles in America because of the new bill for offering sports betting online to American players and accepting their funds transfers. Recently the sports betting company reached a settlement with the Department of Justice to the tune of 33,000,000 dollars. The sports betting companies’ settlement could help pave the way for others to attain a clean slate in America.

The sports betting company Sportingbet isn’t the only company working on clearing their name in America. Last year Party Gaming reached a much larger settlement which helped clear their name and wipe away all of their legal problems in the United States.

Sportingbet and Party Gaming aren’t the only companies in legal trouble within the United States. If sports betting, poker, and other gambling sites attempt to clear their names in America, there might be hope for those Americans who are waiting for a change with the UIGEA. One day Americans might be able to return to their favorite online sports betting and gambling sites.

This is a step in the right direction for the unclear legal landscape with respect to online gambling, let’s hope more will follow.

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Online gambling tips

Posted by betlover on Mar 21, 2010 in online gambling


For U.S. customers, we do not recommend trying to use your credit cards or debit cards to fund opening a casino account. Most U.S. based credit cards issuers (banks) will not accept these transactions from online casinos. This is primarily because most casinos reside outside of the bank’s jurisdiction and online credit card transactions from casinos are considered high risk.

This is actually for your protection and it is a very normal & legitimate practice for banks with some online activity. Do not be discouraged by this and realize that there are many other very safe & reliable (and better) means to fund your opening an account.

You can fund directly from a checking account, bank wires, or through various other convenient methods such as NETeller, Firepay, Citadel, or other respected deposit entities. Most reputable online casinos provide you with several options within their ‘banking’ module and provide extra bonuses for using these options as well. These alternative methods are highly recommended, safe, secure and reliable.


Carefully read the casino terms and conditions before accepting the deposit bonuses. This is usually found in the ‘Promotions’ area within the casino websites. Most casinos require considerable ‘play through’ amounts of the total deposit plus the bonus amount.

For example, if you deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus ($200 total), you will sometimes have to wager up to 20 times the total amount (i.e. $4000 in total playing) before you can consider cashing out. This is a very common practice for casinos to keep you playing longer and is perfectly legitimate. Keep in mind though that you have the right at any time to refuse the deposit ‘bonus’ and just play with your deposit with no limitations on cashing out. You just have to notify the casino before playing with any amounts.

The Fine Print

Each casino or online poker room has their own specific ‘terms and conditions’ regarding all of your play, deposits, bonuses, and cash out procedures.

Make sure to carefully read these terms and conditions before depositing any money. All of the casinos we will present on this website are legitimate, safe, secure and well established organizations. However, look for any limitations on cashing out or usage of your bonus money. Do your research and thoroughly read through the casino site operation as a whole. Look for trusted names at the bottom of their site and any supported organizations that assist in maintaining the integrity of online fair gaming practices.

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Enjoying online casinos

Posted by betlover on Jan 11, 2010 in online gambling

This blog is about online games where you can potentially earn some good cash.

In the world of online gaming, the type of games where the most money can be earned are
gambling games. This is where the big money is. There is also some money in non-money games
such as purely video games like StarCraft or Age of Empires, but it pales in comparison to what
can be made from games of chance.

Within so-called games of chance, there is a mix between skill and luck and each game will
depend on the ratio luck/skill. For example backgammon is a game of dice where chance plays a
role as the outcome depends on how the dice roll, but skills are very important. Any skilled player
will dominate a beginner. At the other end of the spectrum, roulette is purely based on luck as
there is absolutely no skill involved.

Clearly if you want to make money in some of these online games, you are going to have to pick
the games based on skill. For all games based only on luck such as roulette, bingo, craps, the slot
machines and keno, it is the house that always makes a profit and it is almost impossible to be
profitable at these games.

In the realm of online gambling games with an element of skill involved, there is backgammon,
poker and blackjack.

In blackjack card counting is impossible online because online casinos reshuffle their decks
after each hand. It is known that using basic or advanced strategy, the online casino maintains a
small house edge against a player who plays perfectly. This edge is tiny around 0.50% but large
enough to guarantee that it is impossible to be profitable at online blackjack in the long run. The way
to make profits though is in online blackjack tournaments. As in such events you can win prizes
if you play better than the other players, not better than the dealer.

Finally poker is the king of skilled games in gambling. Skill plays a tremendous role in your online poker profit.
The game is starting to consolidate a bit so it is not as easy to make a consistent profit at online
poker, but still possible. You need to study the game in great depth and practice a lot. The best
players can make a 6 figures annual income. Reaching 7 figures is very rare but possible. There are
hundreds if not thousands of players making 5 figures. But you have to play long hours to make good
money from online poker. Not a problem if you like online games.

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