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Posted by betlover on Apr 11, 2013 in online blackjack |

You probably have heard me talk about my love for blackjack time and time again. I love anything having to do with blackjack. The dealer, whether real or virtual, the smell of the deck, the sound of chips being tossed together.

Being in an actual casino has its many benefits, as does playing online. When playing online you do not have to worry about tipping the dealer, but when playing in a brick and mortar casino you want to make sure to treat the dealer in a proper manner.

Nothing frustrates me more than playing blackjack with a bunch of uneducated rookies. I don’t mind a rookie, someone willing to be taught. But someone who thinks they have it all figured out, it just really chaps my you know what. Here are just simple tips that I use for tipping the dealer, but you can find many different ways of tipping with a simple google search.

Now be weary that although tipping is encouraged, no dealer is going to fault you for not tipping if you lose. But, if you have a nice run from the dealer it’s nice to show him your appreciation. I like to tip around one to two dollars per hand if I’m playing at a lower end table. If I’m playing at a $50 minimum table then I tip five dollars a game.

Use these dealers though, they want you to win. They’ll tell you what to do if you ask. After all they are making the same wage whether the casino takes you money or not, but if you happen to win they know they will benefit from a nice tip from you.



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