Tasty Bingo

Posted by betlover on Jun 20, 2012 in online gambling

If you feel thrilled playing the game of bingo on the Web, you are presently offered with more web sites which let you play the various bingo games, as this type of game is getting more popular online.

You can enjoy them and possibly earn yourself good prizes and good sums of money if luck is on your side. There lies a bunch of new bingo sites offered to you which you can sign up at and thence play with your friends or make new friends online, as this game as a large social part to it. Yes you can play by yourself and some people do, but what most players like is to chat with other players while playing bingo online.

You can also play the game just for fun purpose without real money or for cash, it is up to you. Either way providing yourself with a good bit of fun is a must and therefore you get to enjoy all of the newly added bingo games offered online. If you have never given a shot to any of these bingo websites online, then it is the time you have a go at those games. Now is the perfect moment for you to discover the unlimited fun and sheer excitement of having a go at all of the newly available best bingo games on the web.

Of the new bingo sites the tasty bingo is certainly one of the most looked for. You can also very easily identify the newly launched best bingo websites which allows you to you to have a go at the games offered, and thence observe the ones you tend to prefer. The majority of the websites which are have online bingo also provide you with a bonus once you sign up with them and as you become a member this enable you to have a little bit more to play with. There are a lot of bingo game formats which is possible to play online, and you can have a go at them all out in order to see the ones that are your favorites to have a go at and provides you with more chances of winning.

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The future of US online poker

Posted by betlover on Jun 7, 2012 in online poker

Just a brief update one year after this article was written: not much has changed really, so most of it is still current news.

As of June 2011 the US online poker landscape looks like a battle field with very few survivors. Indeed if you like to play poker online and you live in the United States, very few choices are currently available to you for real money games.

In fact Cake Poker seems to be pretty much the only way to play poker online currently. Carbon Poker and Bodog poker just announced that they are not welcoming US players for the near term. Doyles’ Room and True Poker were shut down by the FBI 2 weeks ago. PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, UB Poker and Absolute Poker were banished from the US market 2 months ago when the Department of Justice seized their .com domains (later released). And of course 5 years ago after the implementation of infamous UIGEA the major rooms of the time already left, such as 888poker, Party Poker and Pacific Poker to name a few.

This witch hunting crusade has no goal other then satisfying the bigots in the USA as well as the ego of a few officials in the DOJ who have a very ambitious career plan. Remember that Rudy Guliani started his ascension to political prominence by conducting a similar crusade about some of the investments bankers on Wall Street. And this certainly led him a long way as he was a Republican presidential candidate at some point. So here we go again, if the DOJ can indict some of these online poker rooms and collect a few billion dollars in fees in the process, what a victory will it be for the district attorneys at the top of this process.

But this is a story very unlike the one of Drexel Burnham Lambert and Michael Milken who robbed the public of hundreds of millions of dollars. Here the DOJ is simply trying to restrict the freedom of millions of online poker players who love the game of poker and love to play it on the Internet. They are using a technicality regarding deposit and withdrawal processes to indict and close these businesses, adding to unemployment while doing so.

Let’s just hope that this fiasco leads to a clean online gambling regulation in the near term so that the major players are allowed to offer the game to everyone who decides to enjoy his favorite hobby.

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