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Posted by betlover on Jan 11, 2010 in online gambling

This blog is about online games where you can potentially earn some good cash.

In the world of online gaming, the type of games where the most money can be earned are
gambling games. This is where the big money is. There is also some money in non-money games
such as purely video games like StarCraft or Age of Empires, but it pales in comparison to what
can be made from games of chance.

Within so-called games of chance, there is a mix between skill and luck and each game will
depend on the ratio luck/skill. For example backgammon is a game of dice where chance plays a
role as the outcome depends on how the dice roll, but skills are very important. Any skilled player
will dominate a beginner. At the other end of the spectrum, roulette is purely based on luck as
there is absolutely no skill involved.

Clearly if you want to make money in some of these online games, you are going to have to pick
the games based on skill. For all games based only on luck such as roulette, bingo, craps, the slot
machines and keno, it is the house that always makes a profit and it is almost impossible to be
profitable at these games.

In the realm of online gambling games with an element of skill involved, there is backgammon,
poker and blackjack.

In blackjack card counting is impossible online because online casinos reshuffle their decks
after each hand. It is known that using basic or advanced strategy, the online casino maintains a
small house edge against a player who plays perfectly. This edge is tiny around 0.50% but large
enough to guarantee that it is impossible to be profitable at online blackjack in the long run. The way
to make profits though is in online blackjack tournaments. As in such events you can win prizes
if you play better than the other players, not better than the dealer.

Finally poker is the king of skilled games in gambling. Skill plays a tremendous role in your online poker profit.
The game is starting to consolidate a bit so it is not as easy to make a consistent profit at online
poker, but still possible. You need to study the game in great depth and practice a lot. The best
players can make a 6 figures annual income. Reaching 7 figures is very rare but possible. There are
hundreds if not thousands of players making 5 figures. But you have to play long hours to make good
money from online poker. Not a problem if you like online games.

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