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Posted by betlover on Nov 25, 2009 in online poker

Online poker has many advantages for most players, including my sister. She was already a good gin rummy player, but after she started to play Texas Holdem poker online, that was it. Now she does not play anything other that poker on the Web. But she has a lot of free time,
so why not?

You will find in this post the main points that make online poker so interesting, such as easy money and large bonuses. And first of all a lot of online entertainment.

First, like many of you know, one of the best skills but also the most difficult is to read your opponents by their physical actions. Most good players you will find in casinos have developed this skill to the extreme to have a big advantage. However, at a poker room online, you cannot see your opponents.

Whatever you do while playing your hands your opponents cannot see, so the first advantage in online poker (which may also be a drawback) is that many players playing based on poker tells (physical signs giving clues on their hands) cannot see you. This somehow evens the field versus these more experienced players.

Then poker online is simply convenient. You can find a Texas Hold’em table 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to take the car to the casino. No travel or hotel cost; you can invest all your money directly into your poker bankroll as you play from your home quietly.

Online poker is also more generous with the beginners. Why? Because the majority of players at a poker room online are beginners too, and they may just want to try their hand at poker after seeing a poker table on the television. Hence online poker rooms such as Full Tilt Poker offer very generous incentives for new players to join, such as sign up bonus and freeroll entries.

Another very important point for winning players, there’s a lot of money in online poker. The fact that there are so many novice players at online poker rooms gives a considerable advantage to good holdem players who take the time to consider the situation before putting their chips in the middle of the table. The industry of online poker is the fastest growing business segment on the Internet, full of opportunities.

If you learn the game of texas hold’em poker properly without a rush, there is no reason that you cannot become a winning player like us. There are many people who have demonstrated that.

Finally, another important point, there’s always a lot of promotions available. Many poker rooms offer online signup bonus of 100% or more, why not taking these freebies?

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