A good poker session

Posted by betlover on Jul 21, 2009 in online poker

Today was an up and down day.

I started up $138 thanks primarily to two hands. The first I had pocket JJ and got a set on the turn. I won a $61 pot on that hand.
The second I had pocket fives, flopped a set and got a full house on the river to win a $79 pot.

I figured my good luck couldn’t last and I was right. I then lost about $80 of my profit primarily because I couldn’t make a straight or flush draw. I had two flush draws and 3 straight draws and couldn’t make one of them.

Then my luck changed for the better. I got pocket AA twice and won both hands. I finally made a straight draw on one hand and a flush draw on another and won both hands. Then I got trip aces on the river and won another hand. I made it back up to having a profit of $132, and decided to quit.

But after one hour I came back. I started on the upswing when I flopped a straight which won, and my pocket AA held up to win a $45.60 pot. Then my luck changed and I was down as much as $52. I had pocket KK against two opponents who both had aces and of course an ace flopped and I quickly folded after I bet and was reraised on the flop. Then I had two straight draws which missed.

Finally, my luck turned around (again) and I got into the positive though it was only two dollars and I decided to quit for the day. My comeback was because I made two straights on the river and won, the last time was a $63.00 pot (profit $39). I also won an improbable hand of 7 3 in the big blind on which I flopped a pair of sevens which held up to win at showdown.

Sets flopped were 2 for 17, slightly below average. The first set that I flopped, I won a $60 pot when I flopped a set of jacks and beat a set of twos. The second set I flopped I won a $64 pot. I had pocket 88 and the flop was 866. I flopped a full house and won
the hand.

This is online poker, you need a strong stomach to swallow all the swings.

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