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Posted by betlover on May 16, 2009 in online poker

Welcome to my new blog about online gambling and online poker.

I would like to fill everyone up on the details of whats this blog is going to have as content. If you play mid stakes on PokerStars, you will have noticed I have been around for a few weeks, the reason for this is I have basically forced myself to learn playing poker better.

I’m pretty sure this is a good thing, but I really do need a break. For the past 3 years I don’t think I have taken more than 2 weeks off but now playing poker is like if I were on vacation. I regularly play for 6-7 days a week since the start of the Summer. This takes its toll and for the first time ever I’m actually really happy to be taking a break.

July was a good month poker wise, I made like $120. August sucked a lot more, I think I ended up about +$15. I spent the best part of a week at a live event where I donked out the tournament and got pretty much all my buyin back playing cash. September has started pretty badly before I quit, I think I was about -$20 overall.

As far as the future for me playing poker, I’m not really sure how much I will be playing. I’m really pumped to do a few things with this blog and have a whole brand new website planned. Hopefully the plan is to spend a few months working on my Internet properties and start generating some kind of income from that.

If for some reason I give it my whole attention and after say 3 or 4 months I’m not making money and can’t see myself progressing, I will be starting back up with poker and going back to the grind. The situation with my poker game is weird, I feel like right now I am very good at 6-max cash games when I am on my A game, the same goes for heads-up. However, for various reasons mostly running bad, I have had trouble getting into the zone and putting in consistent sessions playing a very high quality.

I think if I come back I will be getting a couple of different coaches, one for my mental game and another for my poker game. So if anyone has any coaches to recommend to me in the range of $300+ an hour, feel free to shoot to post a comment on this blog.

For the mean time I will be on a poker detox, and it will probably benefit you, dear visitor, as I will have a whole lot more time to work on this blog. My new site is going to basically be an online poker guide focused at new players with the idea of taking someone with no poker knowledge at all to becoming a winning micro stakes and micro stakes poker player. I definitely think I have some kind of value to add and can make a unique site that will be one of the most comprehensive and free resources on the net.

Thank you for reading and Be the Luck with you.

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